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We are planning our 10th annual PNT Symposium on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, November 1 - 3 , 2016.

Highlights of the Symposium include: 

2016 Marconi Prize

The Marconi Prize is awarded each year to recognize major advances in the communications field that benefit humanity.

We’re proud to announce that our own Professor Emeritus,  Brad Parkinson—the Father of GPS—is to receive the 2016 Marconi Prize for his "contributions to the development of GPS, which helped create a vast global utility that provides positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) information to the world and is a vital part of today’s global information infrastructure”.

SCPNT and the Marconi Society have joined forces and are working together on a combined Symposium for this year. Brad Parkinson  will be honored and receive the Marconi Prize at the annual banquet dinner.

For more information about Brad Parkinson and the Marconi Prize, see:

Symposium Theme and Agenda

The symposium theme this year is "PNT Advances in Information and Communication Sciences”.

The agenda will be similar to past years with talks on GPS and GNSS Systems, new and interesting applications, technology, innovations and navigation history. There will also be special talks from some past Marconi Prize recipients. Other aspects of the event include:

  1.  Invited speakers on Wed-Thurs, Nov 2nd & 3rd, with a 30 minute talk including Q&A
  2. The Marconi Prize dinner for all attendees at the Computer Museum in Mountain View on Wed, Nov 2nd
  3.  A "Young Scholar" Session, all-day Tuesday, Nov. 1st (see below)


As is our tradition, we are inviting a variety of prominent US and international academic, business and government leaders to speak on their PNT related research and development efforts. Invitees include US government representatives, industry representatives, academic representatives and a few invitees with a unique PNT perspective.

View/download PDF copy of 2016 Preliminary PNT Symposium Invited Speakers List


The symposium attendees will be a cross-mixture of Marconi Society members, Stanford faculty, researchers and grad students, US Government representatives, SCPNT Industrial Member representatives (Thorlabs, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm, Trimble Navigation, Polaris Wireless, Harris etc.) and other invited guests.

Last year there were over 80 institutions in attendance.

View/Download PDF copy of the 2015 PNT Symposium Attendee Institution Affiliation listing

"Young Scholar" Session

This year we are continuing with an all-day Session dedicated to young scholars. This session will take place on the first-day of the Symposium—Tuesday November 1st.  Current Stanford students and ex-Stanford students who are now faculty at other academic institutions will be asked to select one or two students to attend and present their research.  Also a few selected Marconi Young Scholars will be presenting their research.  Of course, anyone who is interested in attending the "Young Scholar" session’ is welcome.


The symposium is to be held in the Kavli and Panofsky Auditoriums at SLAC, next-door to the Stanford campus. Parking is free and easy.  The auditoriums are very well equipped, tiered, semi-circled, academic-type lecture halls.  Panofsky Auditorium is brand new with over 400 seats and will be used on Wednesday. Kavli Auditorium, with 160 seats will be used on Tuesday and Thursday. 


There are no fees for registration, refreshments, nor for the Marconi Award Banquet Dinner on Wednesday evening, November 2nd at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Information About Previous PNT Symposia

Click any link on the sub-menu to the left to view information about that year's PNT Symposium, including a list of the invited speaker and student presentations presented that year.

Below is a link to last year's PNT Symposium Information Packet PDF, containing the 2015 PNT symposium flyer, the complete 2015 synposium agenda and list of invited speakers and student presenters, a list of the attendees and maps.

View/Download the 2015 PNT Symposium Info Packet (PDF)




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