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2013 PNT Symposium


2013 PNT Symposium Information Packet (PDF) Frank van Diggelen's Dinner Presentation: Who's Your Daddy?
Why GPS Rules GNSS (PDF)


2013 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker and Student Presentations


The two tables below display all of the 2013 PNT Symposium invited speaker and student poster presentations. The presentations are listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title displayed in red text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

View the 2013 PNT Symposium Invited Speaker Presentations

View the 2013 PNT Symposium Student Poster Presentations

2013 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

Speaker Affilation Presentation Title (Red = Link to Presentation File )
 Sven Beiker Stanford CARS Automated vehicles are coming - but they might not be exactly what we expect (PDF)
 Jean-Paul Clarke Georgia Tech Airspace System Efficiencies Enabled by PNT (PDF)
 Per Enge Stanford Welcome
 Alissa Fitzgerald A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC A Practical Guide to MEMS Inertial Sensors (PDF)
 Todd Humphreys University of Texas Secure PNT for Autonomous Systems (PDF)
 Mykel Kochenderfer Stanford Aero-Astro Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS X (PDF))
 Rita Lollock Aerospace Corp. Update on GPS and thoughts on its future (PDF)
 Edward Marks Entrepreneur Location Services in the Real World (PDF)
 Jade Morton Miami of Ohio Univ. International Monitoring of Ionosphere (PDF)
 Mitch Narins FAA Alternative Position Navigation and Time (APNT) (PDF)
 Michael O'Connor iKare The Role of Location in Cybersecurity (PDF)
 Brad Parkinson Stanford Aero-Astro Assured PNT
 Ganesh Pattabiraman NextNav, LLC Overcoming the Challenges of Indoor and Urban Canyon Location with a Terrestrial Constellation (PDF)
 Ada Poon Stanford, EE Wireless Powering of Catheter Insertable Electronics
 Christophe Salomon CNRS (ENS, France) ACES - Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (PDF)
 Phil Scherrer Stanford Physics Solar Dynamics Observatory: Observing the Sources of Space Weather (PDF File)
 Phil Scherrer Stanford Physics Folder containing PPT Presentation file and associated video files
 Stuart Shaw Lockheed Martin GPS III Signal Integrity Improvements and Aviation Applications (PDF)
 Frank van Diggelen Broadcom and Stanford Aero-Astro Who's Your Daddy? Why GPS rules GNSS (PDF)
 Bryant Walker Smith Stanford Law School Legal aspects of Vehicle Automation (PDF)


2013 PNT Symposium • Student Poster Presentations

Student/Post Doc Department/School Presentation Title (Red = Link to Presentation File )
 Paul Berceau Physics Time Transfer Using Mode-locked Femtosecond Laser (PDF)
 Ashley Clark Aero Astro Sampling-Based Spacecraft Motion Planning (PDF)
 Tim Kovachy Physics Gravitational Wave Detection Using Atom Interferometry (PDF)
 Shankar Ramakrishnan Aero Astro Enabling Autonomous Navigation at GEO Using A Dual GPS + Galileo Constellation (PDF)
 Tyler Reid Aero Astro Orbital Representation for the Next Generation of Space-based Augmentation Systems (PDF)
 Alex Sugarbaker Physics Enhanced atom interferometer readout through the application of phase shear (PDF)
 Andrey Sushko Physics MEMS Mirrors for Optical Tracking (PDF)
 Ryan Volz Aero Astro Sparse Decomposition of Radar Signals for Delay-Frequency Sidelobe Removal (PDF)