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SCPNT Photo & Video Gallery Overview

This gallery contains two sets of web albums, described below:

Photo Albums

The Photo Albums section of this gallery comprises a number of web albums containing photos taken at various SCPNT symposia. There are also albums containing photos from SCPNT-sponsored research projects. A final album in the Photos section of this gallery contains historical photos from the pioneering days of GPS and PNT research here at Stanford.

Video Albums

The Video Albums section of this gallery contains three web "album pages,"  each containing a set of Play Video / Play Animation thumbnail buttons.
Clicking a video thumbnail button opens a corresponding web page where you can view the video / animation in a web player window.

The 2016 PNT Symposium Presentations Video album uniquely contains video recordings—including presentation slides— of most invited speaker presentations during the 2016 10th anniversary PNT Symposium jointly sponsored by SCPNT and the Marconi Society.

The  2007-2015 PNT Symposium Videos & Animations album contains videos/animations that were included in speaker presentations during annual PNT symposia from 2007-2015.

The Historical Videos & Animations album contains video and animation clips from the early days of GPS and PNT research projects. This album also contains several Stanford GPS / PNT news and publicity videos.