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Age of Aerospace TV Documentary

Age of Aerospace Episode 6, Chapter 5 Nav Star graphic
The Discovery Channel, Boeing Corporation, The Documentary Group
Sep 12 2017

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The Age of Aerospace is a television documentary series produced by The Documentary Group for the Discovery/Science channel celebrating the Boeing Company’s first 100 years in business, as well as the past 100 years of aviation history. The series originally aired early in 2016, featuring five one-hour episodes. Three more one-hour episodes were subsequently added in 2017.

In addition to exploring the past 100 years of aviation history, this documentary also tells the story of the Boeing Company as it navigated an uncertain future through war and peace, booms and busts on its way to becoming the world’s largest aerospace company with more than 160,000 employees worldwide. While telling the story about the rise and growth of the aerospace industry,  The Age of Aerospace also tells the story of a country and its people and the countless contributions to technology, culture and history they have made.

Of particular interest to members of the SCPNT community are sections of the story covering the rise and uses of GPS and related technologies. The story of the development and emergence of GPS begins at the end of Chapter 2 in Episode 6 and becomes an important theme in the story from that point on.

Click the graphic or the link below to view Episode 6, Chapter 5 (or any episode) of The Age of Aerospace directly from the program’s website.

Click Here to view The Age of Aerospace, Episode 6: The First Space War, Chapter 5: Nav Star