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2022 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentation Videos

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The table below displays the invited speaker presentations from the 2022 PNT Symposium. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order of the presenter's last name.

While all the invited speaker presentations were recorded, we have only received permission from some of the speakers to display their video presentation and/or a PDF file of their presentation slides.

For those presentations which we are permitted to display, click on the Play Video button preceding the presentation title to open an SCPNT Video Gallery page containing an unlisted (not searchable) YouTube video of that presentation.

Also, for those presentations for which we are permitted to display presentation slides, click on any presentation title in bold blue text to view/download the presentation PDF file.

2022 PNT Symposium — Day 2 Invited Speaker Presentations

2022 PNT Symposium: October 13th — Invited Speakers (Bold blue text = link to PDF presentation file)
Invited SpeakerAffilationPresentation Title
Kevin AndersonUniversity of Maryland,College Park

Novel Methods of Spacecraft Navigation usingX-ray Pulsars

Ignacio Fernandez-HernandezEuropean Commission

Authentication and other new services on Galileo

Grace GaoStanford UniversityLunar Satellite Navigation System
Neil GereinHexagon

Protecting your Position Solution

Jonathan HagstrumUSGS

Avian Navigation

Jade MortonUniv. of Colorado

21st Century PNT, Tribute to Pat Doherty

Brad ParkinsonStanford University,Emeritus

PNT Challenges

Maria SakovskyStanford University

Deploying Large Space Structures

Laura SinclairNISTOptical Frequency Comb-based Time Transfer Over Long Distance Terrestrial Links
Todd Walter, & Sherman LoStanford University

Day 2 Welcome, Overview & Logistics

Brent YoungAOSenseQuantum Atomic Navigation & Mapping