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Since the advent of GPS in the early 1970's, there's been a virtual revolution in PNT technology and applications. Today, PNT services are used by over 3 billion users—half the world's population!

Starting with the adaptation of GPS technology for precision spacecraft attitude and guidance control in the 1990s, Stanford has been widely considered the world’s leading academic institution performing PNT, GPS and GNSS research.

In 2006, the SCPNT was created to bring industry affiliate support for pioneering PNT research projects and to facilitate an international forum (by way of the annual SCPNT Symposium) for exchanging ideas, addressing issues and promoting the advancement of PNT technologies and applications.

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2022 PNT Symposium

Our 16th annual PNT Symposium will be held Wednesday, October 12th and Thursday, October 13th.

This year, we will return to our usual in-person presentations in the Kavli auditorium at SLAC, above the Stanford campus. We will also be live-streaming the presentations via Zoom and/or video for those participants who cannot or do not wish to attend in person. As in past PNT symposia, the first day will feature student presentations, and the second day will feature invited presentations. There will be a banquet dinner on Thursday evening, October 13th.

View and/or Download the 2022 PNT Symposium Flyer (PDF)

Seating in the Kavli Auditorium is limited, so click the link below to visit our 2022 PNT Symposium web page and RSVP now!