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Since the advent of GPS in the early 1970’s, there’s been a virtual revolution in PNT technology and applications.  Today, PNT services are used by over 3 billion users—half the world’s population!

Starting with the adaptation of GPS technology for precision spacecraft attitude and guidance control in the 1990s, Stanford has been widely considered the world’s leading academic institution performing PNT, GPS and GNSS research.

In 2006, the SCPNT was created to bring industry affiliate support for pioneering PNT research projects and to facilitate an international forum (by way of the annual SCPNT Symposium) for exchanging ideas, addressing issues and promoting the advancement of PNT technologies and applications.

2019 Annual PNT Symposium • October 29-30

Our 2019 PNT Symposium was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 29-30. Tuesday featured student Presentations, with a banquet dinner on Tuesday Evening. During the banquet dinner, David Goldstein, Director of Special Programs at SpaceX, spoke on the topic: How to Launch a GPS III Satellite in Ten Easy Steps. Wednesday featured eleven Invited Speakers. Following the invited talks, we concluded the symposium with a tribute to the life and legacy of SCPNT co-founder, Jim Spilker, who passed away on September 24, 2019.

Above: Stanford Emeritus Professor, Brad Parkinson, talking about GPS bandwidth preservation in the GNSS frequency range at the 2019 PNT Symposium.

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Affiliates Weekly Friday PNT Seminar

When: Friday Lunchtime, 12:30 - 1:30pm

Where: Durand Hall, Room #450