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2007-2015 PNT Symposium Videos & Animations

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During the annual PNT Symposla from 2007 - 2015, a number of invited speaker and/or student presentations have included short video/animation clips that were played during the presentation. We have collected all of these video and animation files and listed them chronologically, from most recent to oldest, on this page.

Each video / animation is represented below by a Play Video / Play Animation button, accompanied by the name of the presenter, the title of the presentation and a one-sentence description of the video or animation.

Click any Play Video / Play Animation button to open a web page where you'll find more information and a web player window to view the video / animation.

2015 PNT Symposium • Jansen

solasr_system_creation-play_animation-tmb image

2015 PNT Symposium
Fred Jansen Talk: Rosetta—To Escort and Land on a Comet
Slide #3: Solar System Creation Video

Play Solar System Creation Animation

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2014 PNT Symposium • Chao

telnav_scout-play_animation-play button

2014 PNT Symposium
YC Chao Talk: Navigation and Maps
Telenav Scout: Open Street Map 10th Anniversary Video

Play Telnav Scout: Open Street Map 10th Anniversary Video

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2012 PNT Symposium • Fugelseth

2012 PNT Symposium
Ron Fugelseth talk: A Toy Train in Space
Ron and his young son track us a cell phone's GPS to track a toy train attached to a hot air balloon from launch to landing.

2010 PNT Symposium • Pahlavan

Boston Street Atlas-Play Animation button

2010 PNT Symposium
Kaveh Pahlavan Talk:  Wi-Fi Localization and its Emerging Applications
Animation: Boston: Computerized GPS Street Atlas

Play Boston: Computerized Street Atlas animation 

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2010 PNT Symposium • Whelan

Boeing IGPS Play Animation button

2010 PNT Symposium
Dave Whelan Presentation: Boeing iGPS—The benefits of integration with Nav and Com
Video: Cold Start Direct-Y Acquisition Under Jamming and Dynamics Run-for-Record Visualization, 26 June 2009

 Play Boeing: iGPS Video animation

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2007 PNT Symposium • Wiley

NGA-GPS Constellation Play Animation button

2007 PNT Symposium
Barbara Wiley, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), talk: NGA’s Support for Positioning and Navigation
Animation of the GPS satellite constellation based on precise GPS ephemeris data 

Play Animation of the GPS satellite constellation based on precise GPS ephemeris data

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