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Video • 1998 Wide Area Differential GPS

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Wide Area Differential GPS (WADGPS) Alaska Flight Tests

Alaska Wide Area Flght Tests

Stanford's Wide Area Differential GPS (WADGPS) Laboratory conducted experimental WAAS Precision Approaches at the Juneau, Alaska International Airport in August of 1998. The testing included flight trials, collection of WAAS precision approach performance data, and capture of production in-flight video footage.

This flight test was sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in particular the Satellite Navigation Program Office under AND-700. We extend our thanks to them for supporting GPS research here at Stanford. We would also like to acknowledge the FAA Technical Center's efforts with regard to maintaining the National Satellite Test Bed (NSTB).

Our flight platform was a Beechcraft Queenair with navigation, attitude, and tunnel-in-the-sky-over-terrain display payloads. Each of these payloads was developed as a PhD research project here in the GPS Laboratory at Stanford.

The primary WAAS data link for these flight tests was the Inmarsat 3 Pacific Ocean Region (POR) geosynchronous satellite broadcasting Stanford's 250 bps WAAS correction stream. As a secondary data link the WADGPS Lab had a direct modem link to our portable ground based VHF transceiver.

1998 Wide Area Differential GPS • Juneau AK Flight Tests • Simulated & Live Displays • Run Time: 35 Seconds

1998 Wide Area Differential GPS • Juneau AK Flight Tests • Cockpit Live Video & Audio • Run Time: 17 Minutes, 12 Seconds