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2023 PNT Symposium • Day 2: Invited Speaker Presentation Videos

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The table below displays the invited speaker presentations from the 2023 PNT Symposium. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order of the presenter's last name.

While all the invited speaker presentations were recorded, we have only received permission from about half the speakers to display their video presentation and/or a PDF file of their presentation slides.

For those presentations which we are permitted to display, click on the Play Video button preceding the presentation title to open an SCPNT Video Gallery page containing an unlisted (not searchable) YouTube video of that presentation.

Also, for those presentations for which we are permitted to display presentation slides, click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation PDF file.

2023 PNT Symposium Day 2 — Invited Speaker Presentations


2023 PNT Symposium: November 2 — Invited Presentations

Invited Speaker


Title of Presentation (Bold blue text = link to PDF presentation file)

Li-Ta Hsu,Google/Hong Kong PolytechnicBanquet Dinner Talk: Navigating accurately in cities: Vision-sensor-aided GNSS real time kinematic
Alison BrownNavsys

PNT as a Service (PNTaaS) leveraging Commercial SATCOM

Aaron Straup CopeSFO

Wayfinding at SFO

Wei LeeUSAF Test Pilot School

PNT Effects on AI Flight Testing

Steve LewisThe Aerospace CorporationOperational, Global, and Persistent GNSS Disruption Monitoring
Andrew LudlowNISTA Transportable Optical Lattice Clock for State-of-the-Art Optical Timekeeping Beyond the Lab
Adyasha MohantyStanford University

Tightly Coupled Graph Neural Network and Kalman Filter for Smartphone Positioning

Brad ParkinsonStanford University

An Expurgated History of the Origins of the GPS Revolution on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Gaining Approval for Full Scale Demonstration

Kirsten StrandjordUniversity of Minnesota, Twin CitiesPositioning Beyond the Constellation
Andrey SuskhoWindborne SystemsLong duration balloons for sensing the atmosphere
Stefanie TompkinsDARPAPNT from the DARPA Perspective
Lt. Col. Robert Wray2 SOPS

GPS Operations and Performance