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2011 PNT Symposium

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2011 PNT Symposium Information Packet

You can download a PDF 2011 PNT Symposium Information packet below. In addition to the 2011 symposium flyer, the information packet contains the agendas for both invited talks and student talks, lists of symposium participants and their associated companies/institutions.

2011 PNT Symposium Info Packet Thumbnail

2011 PNT Symposium Information Packet (PDF)

2011 PNT Symposium Speaker & Presentations

The table below displays all of the 2011 PNT Symposium invited speaker presentations, listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title displayed in blue text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

2011 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

SpeakerAffilationPresentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Gregory BerozaStanford - GeophysicsMonitoring Japan's 2011 Earthquake (PDF)
Dave BevlyAuburn Univ.Sensor fusion for navigation in degraded environments (PDF)
Barbara BlockStanford - Hopkins Marine CenterSushi and Satellites: Devices for Tracking Top Marine Predators Across the Blue Planet
  TOPP Website
  Stanford-Hopkins Marine Center Website
  Center for Ocean Solutions Website
Deane BunceFAALightsquared Interference Issue (PDF)
Rich FullerBroadcomCatching Bankrobbers via GPS
Eric GakstatterGPS WorldUsing High-Performance L1 GPS receivers w/WAAS for mapping/surveying (PDF)
John HansonCrossTrac EngineeringSpace Navigation using X-ray Pulsar Observations (PDF)
Kenneth Kung, Tim Schempp & Deborah LawrenceRaytheon; Raytheon and the FAAOne Decade of WAAS Lessons - How Would We Have Done It Differently, If Given Another Chance (PDF)
Mingquan LuTsinghua UniversityThe current positioning performance of Compass/BeiDou (PDF)
Xiaochun LuNational Time Service Center, Chinese Academy of SciencesDevelopment of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (PDF)
Robert LutwakSymmetricomThe SA.45s Chip-Scale Atomic Clock (PDF)
Tom O'BrianNISTPrecision time and frequency measurement and distribution for PNT and other applications (PDF)
Brad ParkinsonStanford Aero AstroOpening comments - Observations from 30,000 feet (PDF)
Martin PoitzschSchlumbergerDownhole Navigation for Oil & Gas Drilling (PDF)
John PrestageJPLNext Generation Ion-Atomic Clock for Earth Orbit and Deep Space Navigation (PDF)
Col. Steve SteinerUSAF - GPS DirectorateGPS Program Update (PDF)
Todd WalterStanford - Aero-AstroThe future of Satellite Navigation for Aviation (PDF)
David WhelanBoeingDemo - Boeing Timing and Location (BTL), An Indoor Capable Time Transfer and Geolocation System (PDF)
Howard ZebkerStanford - Geophysics and EEEarth Crustal Deformation Observations from Space using InSAR (PDF)
Mark ZumbergeScripps and UCSDNavigation of remote undersea vehicles (PDF)

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