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2023 PNT Symposium • Day 1: Student Presentation Videos

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The table below displays the student presentations from the 2023 PNT Symposium. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order of the presenter's last name.

All of the student presentations were recorded, and we have received permission from most, but not all of the students, to display their video presentation and/or a PDF file of their presentation slides.

For those presentations which we are permitted to display, click on the Play Video button preceding the presentation title to open an SCPNT Video Gallery page containing an unlisted (not searchable) YouTube video of that presentation.

Also, for those presentations for which we are permitted to display presentation slides, click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation PDF file.

2023 PNT Symposium Day 1 — Student Presentations


2023 PNT Symposium: November 1st— Student Presentations

Student Speaker


Title of Presentation (Bold blue text = link to PDF presentation file)

Laura DaviesUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Radar-based multitarget estimation for a large-scale satellite deployment

Shubh GuptaStanford University

Neural City Maps for Navigation Applications

Sandeep JadaVirginia Tech

An Analysis of the 2022 Wide-Area Interference in Texas Using ADS-B and CORS Data

Frank LaiStanford University

Prototyping Integrity Monitors for PPP Fault Detections

Samuel LowStanford University

Precise Distributed Satellite Navigation: Differential GPS with Sensor-Coupling for Integer Ambiguity Resolution

Noah MillerAuburn University

Analysis of a Deeply Integrated GPS-Flight Vehicle Model for GPS Challenged Environments

Sam MorganAuburn University

Field Test of a Deeply-Coupled LTE and GPS receiver

Joshua OttStanford University

Adaptive Informative Path Planning with Multimodal Sensing

Alvin SunStanford University

Learning Neural Priors for Online Sparse View 3D Reconstruction

Nina SungNational Cheng Kung UniversityIntegrity Monitor of Carrier-Phase-Based GBAS
Trey TaylorUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Testing a Coherent Software Defined Radio Platform for Detection of Angle of Arrival of GNSS RFI

Jiawei XuUniversity of Colorado Boulder

Multipath Detection using Normalized Early, Prompt, Late Area (NEPLA) Method