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2010 PNT Symposium

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2010 PNT Symposium Information Packet & Banquet Speaker

You can download a PDF 2010 PNT Symposium Information packet below. In addition to the 2010 symposium flyer, the information packet contains the agendas for both invited talks and student talks, lists of symposium participants and their associated companies/institutions. Below you will also find a link to Professor David Last's banquet dinner presentation.

2010 PNT Symposium Info Packet Thumbnail

2010 PNT Symposium Information Flyer (PDF)

2010 PNT Symposium David Last Banquet Presentation Thumbnail

Dr. David Last's Dinner Presentation: Crime, Punishment and the Global Positioning System (PDF) 

2010 PNT Symposium Speakers and Presentations

The two tables below display all of the 2010 PNT Symposium invited speaker and student presentations. The presentations are listed alphabetically by the last names of the presenters.

Click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation file, and in some cases, related video or other files.

View the 2010 PNT Symposium Invited Speaker Presentations

View the 2010 PNT Symposium Student Poster Presentations

2010 PNT Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentations

SpeakerAffilationPresentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Sigrid CloseStanfordSpace Environment and Satellite Systems (SESS) (PDF 1.3MB)
Cormac ConroyQualcommA perspective on GPS/GNSS in consumer segment—especially on mobile phones (PDF 2.4MB)
Leo EldredgeFAAGNSS in NextGen (PDF 3.2MB)
Francis EverittStanfordNavigating Gravity Probe B — The Final Results (PDF 4.5MB)
Grace Gao for Mingquan LuStanford Univerity / Tsinghua UniversityStatus of Compass Development (PDF 1.1MB)
Col.Bernard GruberUSAF - GPS WingGPS Modernization and Program Update (PDF 1.6MB)
Ranwa Haddad and Gaylord GreenAerospace Corp. and NavastroOptions for Navigation Related Civil Messaging Workshop (PDF 600KB)
Chris HegartyMITREA Brief History of L5 (PDF 1.1MB)
Guenter HeinEuropean Space AgencyÑGalileo Head of OperationsQuo vadis? Where are we going in satellite navigation? (PDF 1.6MB)
Nobuaki KuboInstitute of PNT Tokyo UniversityJapanese GPS Augmentation System—QZSS (PDF 18.7MB)
David LastRoyal Institute of NavigationCrime Punishment and the Global Positioning System (PDF 2.4MB)
Steve LoganSatellite Tracking of People LLC (STOP)GPS Supervison for Corrections and Law Enforcement (PDF 1.6MB)
Alexander MitelmanCSRCharacterizing real-world signal environments
Mitch NarinsFAARobust Radionavigation—Alternate PNT (APNT) (PDF 2.9MB)
Kaveh PahlavanWPI / SkyhookWi-Fi Localization and its Emerging Applications (PDF 2.8MB)

Boston: Computerized Street Atlas Video

Brad ParkinsonStanford Aero AstroOpening Comments (PDF 400KB)
Andrei ShkelDARPAMicro-technology for PNT (PDF 1.7MB)
Frank van DiggelenBroadcomTime & Distance: Navigation Technology from the Santa Maria to Satellites (PDF 6.8MB)
Dave WhelanBoeingiGPS—The benefits of integration with Nav and Com

 Boeing: iGPS Program Video

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2010 PNT Symposium • Student Poster Presentations

Student/Post DocDepartment/SchoolPresentation Title (Blue = Link to Presentation File )
Yu-Hsuan ChenAero AstroReal-Time Software Receiver for GPS Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna Array Processing
Liang HengAero AstroGPS Signal-in-Space Anomalies in the Last Decade - Data Mining of 400M GPS Navigation Messages
Catherine Kealhofer and Seth ForemanPhysicsCompact Ultrafast X-Ray Source
Alex SugarbarkerPhysicsAn Atomic Gravitational Wave Interferometric Sensor in Low Earth Orbit (AGIS-LEO)
Gabriel WongAero AstroCharacterizations of Signal Deformations for GPS and WAAS Satellites

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