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2020 PNT Webinar Symposium • Invited Speaker Presentation Videos

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The table below displays the invited speaker presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 of the 2020 PNT Webinar Symposium. The presentations are listed in alphabetical order of the presenter's last name.

While all of the presentations were recorded on both days of the 2020 webinar symposium, we have only received permission from some of the speakers to display their video presentation and/or a PDF file of their presentation slides.

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For those presentations which we are permitted to display, click on the Play Video button preceding the presentation title to open a SCPNT Video Gallerey webpage containing a YouTube video of that presentation.

Also, for those presentations for which we are permitted to display presentation slides, click on any presentation title in blue text to view/download the presentation PDF file.

2020 PNT Webinar Symposium • Invited Presentations
Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title (Blue=Link to Presentation File)
Col. Ryan Colburn GPS Directorate Update on GPS Program
Pacôme Delva Observatoire de Paris Systèmes de Référence Relativity & Galileo
Michael Garcia Aireon Monitoring Aircraft from Satellites
Christoph Guenther DLR
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Kepler Satellite Navigation System
Sarah Houts Ford Motor Company Ford Highway Driving RTK Dataset for Testing Automotive Automony
Brandon Jones Wing Safe and Responsible Drone Delivery - Wing
Jack Langelaan Pennsylvania State University
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Dragonfly: Flying the NASA New Frontiers Mission on Titan
Kristine Larson University of Colorado, Boulder, Emeritus
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GNSS and Environmental Research
Sherman Lo, John Pottle, Charles Schue Various
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Professor David Last Tribute Fund; Tribute Fund Poster
Jon Nichols Lyft Autonomous Time Synchronization for Autonomous Driving
Brad Parkinson Stanford University, Emeritus
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Ten Critical Hinge Factors that Enabled/Enhanced GPS for Humanity
Tyler Reid Xona
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Launching a Constellation of LEO Navigation Satellites
Todd Walter and Sherman Lo Stanford University
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Welcome Comments & Announcements
Nan Yu JPL New Atomic Clocks for Space